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The terrifying way Facebook, A.I., and augmented reality might work in tandem

Today, Business Insider gave us some insight into what’s going on in the very narrow, secretive world of Artificial Intelligence. The small population of A.I. experts are throwing everything they have, with some very high profile financial backing, into the projects that will take us to an artificially intelligent future.

Artificial intelligence is a really nice, conceptually positive idea, but obviously we all have fear of a “Skynet” scenario. Theoretically, a machine with the same mental capabilities of a human would have the self-awareness to quickly and efficiently elevate itself to a position of absolute power. And what’s to stop it?

Assuming artificial intelligence could one day truly mimic the processes of the human brain, it would stand to reason that it would adopt an optimal level of self-awareness as well as empathy. This is where humans come in: How these machines are used and treated is important, and probably unavoidably destined to be done in the wrong way, because we’re shit like that.

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The many shades of ’50 Shades’ trailer reactions

The long-awaited trailer for next February’s “50 Shades of Grey” movie adaptation finally arrived Thursday, with a two-minute-25-second preview scored to a slowed-down version of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love.” The trailer, based on E.L. James’ popular “Twilight” fan fiction piece-turned-mega-bestseller, comes seven months before the film’s “Valentine’s Day” release.

The setup- young gal (Dakota Johnson), made to look younger, “mousier,” and less sexy than the actress playing her (Dakota Johnson), meets a powerful, handsome older man (Jamie Dornan), and soon becomes his lover, in an S&M-tinged affair. It looks remarkably similar to the 2002 James Spader/Maggie Gyllenhaal film “Secretary” though I expect a lot more people will be seeing the new film…

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Review: Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

Aw, shucks. Mizrabel just flew off with Minnie. I’ve got to rescue her (‘cause that’s how the Mouse rolls, yo…)

Welcome to the shiny new Mac edition of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. Yes, now the Mac crowd can play the newly reimagined version of this old ’90s chestnut. The premise is still the same—the wicked witch (Mizrabel) has captured Minnie and plans to drain her youth. Your job as Mickey is, of course, to rescue Minnie, so you better start running.

Welcome to the shiny new Mac edition of the updated version of the old gem known as Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. Yes, now the Mac crowd can play this old '90s chestnut. The premise is still the same—the wicked witch (Mizrabel) has captured Minnie and plans to drain her youth. Your job as Mickey is, of course, to rescue Minnie, so you better start running.

— 3 days ago
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Guess what the Tell Tumblr Queen learned to do today?

Guess what the Tell Tumblr Queen learned to do today?

— 3 days ago
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Jon Stewart “launches” greatest Kickstarter project ever, to buy CNN

Last night, Jon Stewart addressed the suckness of today’s media in the most spectacular way ever: by starting a Kickstarter project to buy CNN from Rupert Murdoch after a hypothetical future purchase of Time Warner.

In his reaction to the news of the potential purchase, Stewart called Murdoch “the date rapist of media barons” because despite being told no repeatedly, he always gets his company. Like a date rapist. In terms of conglomerates, Stewart says, “Media would be just ‘shit Rupert Murdoch thinks’.”

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— 4 days ago
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10 things you can buy instead of Samsung’s $120,000 TV

I’ve been covering the electronics industry for a long time, and when it comes to “revolutionary” new TVs, I’ve seen some absolutely insane pricing. The latest example, as reported by Gizmodo, is Samsung’s 105-inch curved Ultra HD TV, which also goes by the intuitive name of UN105S9WAFXZA.

It’s $119,999.99, which is annoyingly precious. Let’s add a red cent and call this a $120,000 TV…

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Dear Video Games: Comics can change, why can’t you?

I’ve happily entered my local comics shop countless times, but I’ll never stop being intimidated by the singles wall. I don’t really know what else to call it, but it’s the wall housing all the recent, single issues of currently-running books. Marvel, DC, IDW, Dark Horse and however many other publishers, all competing for real estate so fiercely all it would take is one clumsy misstep to send entire sections of the wall to the floor. Inspect closely and you’ll find them all arranged alphabetically, but the myriad colors, fonts and other stylish comic book trappings make that hard to process for all but the most grizzled veterans of the hobby. If you’re trying to get into comics, the wall is the last place you want to start. You can try talking to the staff, if they’re friendly, or you can hit the trade section and browse spine titles like a normal person…

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— 4 days ago
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5 Imagineering secrets of the Tower of Terror on its 20th anniversary

Today is a big day! It’s the 20th anniversary of Walt Disney World’s Tower of Terror ride, which makes its home in Hollywood Studios at the Orlando resort (amongst other places). In honor of the day when the best ride Disney World ever Imagineered was welcomed, here are 5 facts about the technology that went into this innovation that was way ahead of its time.

1. The ride vehicle is unlike any other free-fall system in the world.

When Tower of Terror first premiered in 1994, the ride system was entirely unique and blew the free-fall market out of the water. Where most rides operate on a standard, immovable vertical track, Tower of Terror’s vehicles have the ability to move in and out of the vertical motion shaft and the freedom to move horizontally as the ride dictates.

Fun fact: At 199 feet tall, one more foot would have forced the Imagineers to include flashing red lights on the top of the building as per FAA regulations, which would have ruined the illusion. One full drop inside the tower is a complete 170 feet…

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Celebrities on Israel, return of the Walkman and who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?

If you’re a celebrity, it might be worth it to just go ahead and not say anything publicly about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Because if you do, regardless of what it is you say, you’re going to be called an anti-Semite, an Israel-hater, an Israel-firster, a terrorist sympathizer, a Hamas apologist, a self-hating Jew, or the equivalent of Hitler- and most likely, more than one of the above. Best case, half of the world will hate you, and worst case, both sides will end up hating you, whether for going too far or not far enough. Or maybe you end up writing a blog post that quotes John Lennon’s “Imagine” (PearlJam.com)

Along those lines, I had no idea how Lukidnik TMZ was…

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— 5 days ago
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