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How the Internet tricks smart people into believing everything they read

The other day I was offered a free flu shot here at the office and my initial reaction was, “Hell yeah, free immunization!” Then a co-worker told me she wasn’t getting it because it always makes her sick and another co-worker told me he “doesn’t believe in them.” This confused me and made me uncomfortable with the shot, a feeling that was exacerbated when I was handed two waivers to sign before I could receive the shot.

The waiver essentially said, “You can’t sue us if you get a headache or, you know, become a paraplegic.” Wat.

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Apple September 9th Media Event live blog

Apple announced this week that—as they’ve been wont to do—they’ll be live streaming the September 9th media event which, according to their countdown clock, is just a little over 2 days and 22 hours away, at press time. As we’ve been wont to do, the Technology Tell Apple Channel will be live blogging the event, offering our insight and commentary throughout…


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